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By | September 23, 2018

This parameter uses the integrated sensor to calculate the phase. There is no GPS tracking, so it can save a lot of battery. It burns calories, distance travels and time etc. All these information will be clearly displayed in the graphics. You can set goals for daily steps. Series starting with your goal for 2 days or more. To encourage you, you can easily check the data of your strips. No functions have been stopped All the features are 100% free. You can use all these actors without paying. Energy-saving This phase uses an integrated sensor to calculate the counter phase. No GPS Tracking,

⏩Usually uses the battery. Easy to use parameters Just tap the Start button and start counting steps. Whether your phone is in your hands, press, pocket or bracelet, you can automatically record your steps when the screen is off. 100% do not require personal access. We do not collect your personal information or share your information with third parties. Start a sequence to encourage you to start the series when you reach your goals for 2 days or more. Stay active to continue the bandage. Start, stop and reset You can count and stop at any time to save energy. This update will prevent background update data. And you can reset it againIf you want, count the steps of today and count the 0steps. Whenever you want training mode, you can start a different rotation exercise, such as a 30-minute clock exercise after dinner. In training mode, we offer a function to record different time, active time, distance, and burn calories for your walkout exercises. Fashion Design This platform tracker was designed by our winning team on the best Google Play of 2017.

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Clean design makes it easy to use. The graphical report report graphs are the most innovative, and specially designed for mobile devices that help you track driving data. You can see weekly and monthly figures in the chart.The colorful theme themes of different colors are in progress. You can choose your favorite person to enjoy your platform counting experience with this step tracker. To ensure step count accuracy, enter your correct information in settings, as it will be used to travel and calculate calories. Adjust sensitivity to make the padometric phase more precise. Because of the device power management, when the screen is off, some devices interfere in the stage. Step number is not available

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When their screen is closed. This is not a bug. We are sorry that we can not solve this problem. Best pedometer The parameter uses lots of energy in the right step and one phase tracker case. Our pedometer and speed tracker can find you and also have an energy-efficient pedometer. Find out our padmeter and monitoring steps to reduce the weight loss app now. Any satisfied weight loss app? Do not worry, even the best weight loss app that can help you lose weight. To lose weight, this app can not only take the steps but can also take a good app for weight reduction. Walking app and walking tracker ever walker for tracker and walking the perfect app! To run walkers and locators, this is not just an app, but also a walking plan. Try this walk, take shape and stay fit while walking…