Fast & Slow internet Speed Tester Apk File

By | September 23, 2018

The Internet Speedometer displays the Internet Light Bar and displays the data used in the notification panel. This helps to monitor network connections at any time while using the device. The application is completely free. Network speed is a small, fast, and free network device. You can monitor the speed of the network in real time and immediately see the information immediately in the background. Have you ever wondered why your webpage is slowly loading or why the Internet monitors the speedometer? Now you can check the speed of your network by notification or the flexibility of working in real time of data. Remember network connections now. The History tab stores information about the speed of each network and phone. Use your Internet connection provider to check for best local WiFi spaces or Internet service providers, such as Wi-Fi signal analysis.

➡️Try to test the speed of the Internet and filter out the results from different sources. Detailed information on the speed, if you need to test the speed of the download, not only ping, or bandwidth, or frequent, or signal power, or power signal strength, or in every aspect other than a full report, each speed WiFi test For quick and quick times in the History tab, see the result. Information about the expansion of the Internet connection test includes network ping, upload speed, location, etc. Monitor data usage

▶️Classic analysis tools and other programs show maximum speed and control router signals, even if the internet connection can cause a problem: High access to data on the Internet can slow down communication. Find the apps that are running on the most traffic tabs and the WiFi Net Speed ​​Auditor and stop unnecessarily and verify the performance of the entire network later to see the results. Internet counter speed is improving
Change the appearance of high speed data in the skin tab. The current version of the Internet Speed ​​Test program includes 4 color combinations and we are planning to increase them in the future, so keep the updates. Share information with friends fast
You can use a solid signal using the WiFi Speed ​​Test to find a good free site and ask your friends to share the parameters in the social network.

⏺Monitor your test connection with your touch and data and use it with our application. New features are coming soon Speed ​​Test is a powerful and sophisticated device that allows you to measure the speed of your Internet connection on Android. The app has a modern and easy-to-use interface. For more experienced users, there are a large number of configuration settings. The main features of this app help you to understand how fast you are connected to the Internet, whether it is mobile or broadband anywhere in the world.

⚫Hidden Features Of internet meter..

⏺It’s a free blue-screen design that is fast and easy to understand. Have you ever thought about your Wi-Fi speed? You may have understood that WiFi is slow, but you do not know why. Use NetMaster to test WiFi speed.VPN N allows you to protect a private network and share data remotely via public network. Like a firewall, your data is stored on your computer and VPN is saved on the Internet.

⏺Netmasters can also see the data usage status for all applications, especially the consumption of mobile networks. So you know that the user is using most of your data. Then you can save your valuable data. It comes with a clean and clean design, easy to keep track of users and wireless networks connected to the interface and no talent. Therefore, if you feel like you are using a wireless network and limited floor, send any data it receives without your permission, for this free Wi-Fi service, install this application wifi monitor and look for suspicious devices connected

⏩One of your main features: How to use: Use the WiFi network and communicate any problems, questions, feature requests or other suggestions. Your wireless network slowly and you feel that someone is connected to your Wi-Fi and seems to use it…