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By | February 5, 2019

Download the best apps and games of the week for free or with Rabos

AppSales offers a simple and convenient way to discover and play the best games and apps to sell and watch free apps. Our manual review ensures that only the most popular sales are published and that a price history works in transparency and provides you with the appropriate information to make a purchase, comparing the possibility of comparing it to the purchase time.

✔ * NEW * Discover free paid apps for a limited time

Google recently made a free donation to developers for its paid apps, which was not possible before. Our new tab “Now Free” highlights offers applications to recover the duration of the offer.

Annt Find your favorite apps with our new search feature!

Put apps, games and wallpapers in your personal tracking list (see feature). Check the price and use the capabilities or use when downloading new apps or a large discount. Save money and the best apps for Android with AppSales!

Ung The price level has never been easier!

• Modern and intuitive user interface (Material Design)
• Give it to the store with our pricing tool that will allow you to use and use when the need for a discount is needed.
• Find out about new best-sells from the Google Play Store and free apps.
• Weekly offer of the week (if you are in your area)
• Exclusive offers, discount codes and presentation volumes
• Only the best apps, games and best wallpapers offers and free offers
• Excellent history ensures transparency that compares to the time needed to compare.
• Discover other versions of a discounted app (for example, Free, Lite, HD)
• Search your apps for apps and find your checklists
• Informed when pricing is on the Android Market
• Use a filter and categories to personalize your experience.
• Synchronize your checklists on your Android devices
• Share sales with family and friends

✔ Your personal checklist:
Use our brand new feature or apps directly from the Play Store on your checklist to check prices and learn how to use price shares, discounts, and payments made by apps.

Icht Price History:
A price tag allows you to easily see the minimum, maximum and average salaries for the last 60 days (360 if you are a Premium user). Validate your supplier and pricing models to save money by buying an app at the best time, usually when prices are paid in the Google Play store.

✔ control plane:
Grouped into 3 sections (the last 24 hours, the last 7 days and at any time), you can discover the latest trends or the best applications in the world.

Scht Latest Discounts:
Our manual review process guarantees a high quality sales list, but it also means that the sale is not published directly. The last shortcut displays an unfiltered list of the latest discounts.

✔ Net:
Use the filter to customize the sales list by setting the minimum payroll and download threshold. You can also hide your apps in the sales list.

Ien Categories:
Not interested in apps from certain categories (like games or backgrounds)? No problem, you can disable the use of certain categories or completely understand them from your list of sellers. In particular, the categories are also intended for NVIDIA SHIELD or a Word application.

Why should I download Appsales Best App to sell? (Tl; Dr)
AppSales lets you share the best game of games and applications presented with small features during a manual review process. Other features, such as z. B. Pricelist or Chart Checklist, AppSales is an all-in-one solution for free apps.

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