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By | October 14, 2018

Translation can be a source of translation. English-speaking speaker assistant in English. English – Hindi translation online.Translation supports virtually all applications translations: WhatsApp Translation, Translation

Translation, Passenger Translation. Direct chat directly into bubble content, inbox content and text content. A lot of Asian national interviews translate into translation. When Hindi translation is translated into Hindi and Hindi, the results are very accurate.

Main feature:

1. translating dance from a channel Glossary: ​​Talk in the chat program to distinguish the interpretation of the hair bubble contact material interpretation, only one step, translucent bubble content to the desired language and bubble chat.
Enter the dialog box entry text. Others say hello at any time, they send their foreign language directly.
3. Back to the chat application: Double-click the translation language of the ball and the application, translate it into turns and relieve a foreign acquisition step.
4. Text Back: copy the text, click on the text that floats on the hair, the text is translated.

1. Maintaining the necessary permits and communication period.
2. Shoot the ball and scroll in the text, return the text to the content of the space, content content within the limited content of the original content.

4. speed translation of the ball quickly click twice, return text to full application field, and bring the first field interpretation.
5. To move the ball position, press the direct ball of the translation correctly.

At this time interpretations support translations in 50 languages. Hindi translation, Bengali, Telugu, translation, Tamil translation Tamil translation, translation Gujarati, South Korean translations, South Korean Translation translations, Punjabi translation, Chinese translations, Spanish translation, Arabic translations, Malay translations, Portuguese translation, German translation, Hausa translation, Japanese translations, Persian translations, Greek translations, Javanese translations, Thais translations.

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