How To Trace Any Mobile Data Full Detail – Mobile Activity Tracker

By | March 7, 2019

How to trace any mobile Monitor your addiction with your Time app to remove the phone’s speech Mobile Tracker Apk

How To Trace Any Mobile Data Full Detail – Mobile Activity Tracker

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Many times, do you think that you focus more on your smartphone and that you can not focus on yourself? You get up from your phone and sleep with you. Maybe your phone is your partner every day. But have you recently diagnosed the phone that affects your personal and professional life? Are there tools for your production time and do you feel that you are losing control?

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So we have a smart digital solution for the problem of mobile addiction!
The time app provides you with many fun and easy-to-use features that can help you track and control the use of your phone and also let you know the phone number you are in.

Highlights of your time:

★ Dashboard: the gateway of your day!

The dashboard provides you with the basic information you need to know in one place. The app places little space in “Time” and “Countdown” and offers a balanced view of the current activity and the last 7 days. Wait also late on this boat!

★ Round Space: Learn the level of causality!

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Using your phone’s usage data for the past 7 days, your email application determines your phone’s address type in six categories, which includes additional dependencies, stability, prices, and champions.

★ “Watch Timer”: Watch your time!

Your hourly appetite is accompanied by a “timer”, one of our own assistants, who will help you get out of your phone. It appears in all your applications so you can bend over time. Drag it and leave it when you want. And that will also change the color from orange to red because you reach the desired limit.

Phone Addication Tracker & Controller

We do not exclude calls as application notifications or other applications because we want you to be the best judge of your time. We will inform you as much as possible.

★ Touch this app: just touch it!

Here you can see the applications used throughout the day and you have exceeded the specified usage limit. You can also customize your usage limit for individual applications from the “Manage individual applications” section in Settings.

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★ What to cook: Your daily telephone routine!

The chronological order is an installation calendar * What to cook * Calendars throughout the day. At this point, you launch an application to record the recording, the time, the changes you made, and so on. In summary, here are * WHY, WHW and more with all your apps.

★ Several detailed reports: we call you back!

Provide your daily application, your daily and weekly reports to their users to learn how to use their application.
Daily usage reports use a joint application via a notification. The weekly and monthly usage reports are very detailed and very practical. For Premium users, it is possible to export PDFs of weekly and monthly reports.

★ Export your data in XLS X format!

Your application does not store any of your data. As a result, all data is stored in your phone’s memory. You can then analyze your data to explain their use. After installing the application, you can export the entire data.

★ Widget: Screen your time!

You can also enable the widget on the screen to use the time without starting the app or counting the phone without unlocking it.

We would like to know your opinion and that of most people you want. We work hard to make you live a healthy digital life!

Be smart and be healthy!

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