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By | March 29, 2019

Call the timer, send a message, play music, Wi-Fi and phone mode, run any app

★ Forgot to send or send your friends to mosques? Do you usually come late? Forget to watch your important emails. You must call at any time. Give your secretary your personal secretary, two automated work solutions and good habits.

Phone Schedule Calls Sms Wifi

★ This free app will help you update important events. Keep track of your schedule, exercises and day-to-day activities. Check out news timers, your mailbox.

How to send auto sms
How to send auto sms

★ This application allows you to send an SMS to your relatives, friends, colleagues or just send you time or call to give you time. Your work can be done right and totally.

★ important tasks such as:
Timer to run any application

  • Before you remember important facts, you are.
  • Alert notification alert list.
    Schedule a call
    Schedule SMS Timer
  • Set a music timer.
  • The sender sends a message to the timer message application.
    Opens a web browser with the timer site.
  • Turn off the WiFi timer or turn it off.
    To change the timer function (normal, light, silent).
How to send auto sms
How to send auto sms

★ Sync data: Your data is compatible with cloud and other synchronized devices. Avoid lost data.

★ Android 6.0+ support

★ Smart timer selection with twice as many options:
Repeat after selecting space.
Repeat automatically.
Weekend, month, timer

★ updating widget, you can get a timer on the home screen.

★ You can restore your backup data at any time. Do not worry about data loss (y)

How to send auto sms
How to send auto sms

★ Note We are asking you to call and send a text message so you can use the timer function to send messages and calls. You can use this feature safely.

Auto sms Sender App Apk Download

★★★ Let’s hope that with this application, your mobile will be an effective promoter. Leave a comment Leave a comment or send us an email:

Once you watch the list during the day Simple time tracker

Sectographographe (SGGG) – One year-call (chronograph) on a pie chart one hour a day.
The application will help you save time and ignore the day.

How to send auto sms
How to send auto sms

How does it work

In short, this calendar has hours. This is a timetable for good organizational problems.
The project works as a digital watch widget. Automatically retrieves all your Google Calendar events and tasks and places them in the 12th edition of the dial.

What it looks like

Your business and your actions (Google Event), a calendar clock – shows pie tables and app widgets in the app.
Events are areas, duration and duration during which you can clearly monitor the monitoring plan.

The calendar and collection of integration clocks provide a wonderful visual representation of your work, allowing you to design and calculate the daily time.

Why does she use you?

Tim Daily Schedule and Schedules Add daily tasks, calendars, meetings, unity events to you at any time, this shows how much remains at the end of the current and next event. Do not be late

How to send auto sms
How to send auto sms

. Accounting and monitoring hours of work Place the phone in the work station and the business will be fully controlled. Best timer

को Check the phone’s course schedule and see how much time is left until the end of the university tire conference and lab work can not be delayed.

✔ Calendars Your routine is more comfortable than ever. Follow it and repair it, just use it as an organizer and calendar

How To Schedule Auto Sms Send

Er trip to time and period of air travel. Due to travel and endless flights, do you miss the concept of time? Check the time of landing, landing and flight. Keep everything under control.

Activities Program of food, drugs and sports activities and other important activities. Choose the right lifestyle and stay healthy!

. Counting easily to schedule events The plan for the day will be completed.

auto sms sender app apk Download Latest Version 2019

auto sms sender app apk
auto sms sender app apk

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