Android cleaner with memory and cache cleaner for android Devices

By | April 16, 2019

Delete all blank folders with one click No ad size 1 MB What happened when loading the empty folder in your file manager? Use this app. All central folders will be deleted with one click. Ability to delete empty folders

Android cleaner with memory and cache cleaner for android Devices

unseen gallery apk
unseen gallery apk

1) Many options to delete a blank folder
2) Delete the empty folder from the internal memory (no root required)
3) Delete the empty folder from the external storage memory card (just use the root for this feature)
4) There is no advertisement
5) The scan list has been imported for the user in a blank folder.

All central folders will be deleted with one click.

Empty folder options to delete
1) View progress – Get progress that examines the files in the file.
2) Sign in to delete deleted folders – Download the list of deleted deleted folders
3) Analysis Androd created folders – Drivers / Android / Data, / Android / ABB /LOST.DIR, / DCIM will not remove the empty folder.

Note: Files will not be deleted with “.nomedia” and other hidden files because they are required by the system or their application. The manufacturer is not responsible for any problems arising from this application. You are using the this app at your own risks..

unseen gallery apk
unseen gallery apk

To keep your housekeeper clean and clean for your Android.

The SD service will help keep your device clean and clean!
It provides a set of tools for managing applications and files.

No one is perfect, not even Android.
Apps you’ve already left behind
Login credentials, bug reports, and other files you do not really want to be created permanently.
To save storage files and directories that you do not recognize.
Do not come here … help good SD!

The SD maid gives you:
Navigate through your entire device and add files fully using the full file explorer.
Remove beautiful files from your system
Install users and system applications.
Locate preinstalled application files
Search for files by name, content, or date.
Detailed review of your device’s storage.
Improve the database.

unseen gallery apk
unseen gallery apk

Delete the original app and delete the cost files, which also indicate that the others are called “cash clearing”.
Search for double images, music or documents without a name or location.
Schedule the calendar automatically from the calendar or widget.

Cleaner Android with memory and cleaner, free space

Starat Cleaner is the perfect cleanser for your Android device. This memory includes cleaners, garbage and cash machine, telephone call. This will delete all your bogus and bogus accounts and your phone will start. This will release your RAM in seconds.

Star Cleaner App is the best application of appetite

Main characteristics:
Easy-to-use interface
Find and install the backup application
Remove all bogus and cash files
Free space
Upload your phone in seconds

Higher cleaning possibilities:

Launch the memory
Boost your phone, remember free memory and battery This will improve your phone in seconds

Cache cleaner
This helps to clean the saved system files on the left side of the application.

Starch cleaner removes corrupted files that slow down your phone. This application can be analyzed on your phone. You can then get more than an excellent app cache, a download folder, browser history, and more.

This application promotes your phone and the Android battery erases the memory in 1 tap A tap increases the memory of the phone and improves the performance of the phone.

Powerful cleanser
One of the most effective Android cleaning apps for Android

unseen gallery apk Latest Version

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