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By | May 24, 2019

QR Scanner is the best and fastest QR code reader for Android / Barcode Scanner and App Builder. With your phone’s camera, this scanning application.

automatically scans and selects QR code or barcode information and supports all barcode and QR code formats. With this application reader, you can create and share unlimited QR codes at any time.

 QR Code Scanner Main Features:

By using a QR code reader and a barcode reader, we can easily detect, examine and separate any code code without any button press such as the red laser.

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You can delete the QR code or the barcode in the Photo Gallery. If you are in dimly lit environments, the scanner lamp also helps us to scan and read the QR code and barcode.

  Apk QR Code Create a QR code

QR Scanner allows you to create an RSS icon at any time in different formats, web links, text, contacts, phone number, WiFi, GEO location, postal address, SMS, calendar, etc. Quota help. Create your own code as soon as possible.

BARCODE Scanner App Latest Version

You can rename the QR code after the build. Even the number of QR codes generated is not unlimited at all costs. The work of creating and digitizing the school is very useful.

  ★ personal design

On some devices, you can search for white barcodes on a black background. When you delete a QR code or a barcode, you must have two modes to select it in this icon reader: left and right.

  ★ Share with friends

There is no doubt that readers and scanners can share with your friends, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, VAT, Line, Email, SMS, etc.

  ★ Watch scanning and date creation

All fraud results and results generated in the survey and the sorting log will be included in the order. You can delete the results of the survey. We also date the date and date of the survey date, you can easily find different results.

  ★ Supports multiple formats

Support for QR analysis and analysis to scan multiple barcode formats such as Axis, RC, Matrix Data, Instant Code, EAN8, Code 3 and Code 128.
What are you waiting for? Download QR Scanner to erase and create a QR code and a barcode!

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