Make Fake Phone Call ios Style | Cteat Fake Call History

By | June 9, 2019

Fake Phone Call Apk Download ⬇️⬇️

Fake Phone Call Apk Download
Fake Phone Call Apk Download

Call Fake with iStyle, test your friends and ask for the most professional and elegant fake identities with iStyle on Android Market!  Out of the problem, identified with a fake call!

Fake Phone Call Apk Download

Tell the false identity collars to save you from a strange situation, a boring meeting, a boring conversation in the manner of an unprecedented interview …

Download only false iStyle calls.  You can change false calls with any number, such as contacts.  The false reputation seems to be a real person and it is difficult to understand others.

  The fake iStyle call is totally free.

The false call is a useful tool if you want to get rid of someone.  If you feel unusual, tell someone that someone is calling you!  You can set up a fake call and run it.  This device uses the original rainbow and looks like a real call, so everyone thinks you need to get a call!

How to Make Fake Call History ..

The simulated call can be customized in iStyle.  You can choose the name of the caller or the number and sound of the collar.  Everything says the call is very realistic!

The most elegant and professional app for fake collars and SMS on Android Store!  Get out of the problem, make a bad phone call or text message.  A bad call and a bad SMS application will avoid unwanted situations like boring conversations, meetings,

Creat Fake Call History in Android

seated friends and petty conversations.  Do your friends think you receive an important call and still prefer to celebrate celebrity as president, boss, officer and other celebrities?

Make Fake Calls in ios Devices

With the fake pass, you can choose the name and phone number of the caller and add a photo or new contact to the contact list and gallery.  It is also possible to select the time of different calls and set different false calls.  This fake pass app is completely free and is called Fake and App.

How to use:Select the name and name of the caller from your contacts or enter it manually Use a camera or capture to select a photo in a gallery.

Select your call or enter it manually.

Select an entry on the phone or save it immediately (it will be played during the voice call). So call him and do it.

Description of faulty calls and SMS via SMS:Allow only personal information to list and contact the galleryStorage space for saving the call plan Enable applications such as headphones and Bluetooth networks

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