App Lock Protect & Lock App With Password & FingerPrint

By | June 21, 2019

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App Lock Apk | App Lock Apk For Android
App Lock Apk | App Lock Apk For Android

Lock the app with the app’s protection program, gallery, photo, video, privacy protection and fingerprint lock The Ector Smart App is a guilty or protective app that verifies the application using passwords or patterns and fingerprints.

Lost Facebook, Voice, Gallery app, Prevent Slider and Snowboarding!In addition to the correct lock, the program can capture an interview with an image and hide the fact that the program is closed with a fake error window!

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  — The main events —
App ▶ To protect your privacy, close the application with a password.  For example.) Messenger, Vatican and any app

▶ Record the interviewer If someone has access to your app, take a picture and send your email.

▶ Fingerprint
Fingerprint supports easy and powerful lock with sensor.  (Samsung or Android Marshalla device)

▶ Fake lock
You can also hide the fact that the program stops with a fake error window.

 Notification Lock ▶
 Block message block messages in the notification bar above

Template scaling patterns Pattern pattern of the scale from a simple 3×3 to 18×18 pattern.

▶ Smart Lock
Only a dedicated WiFi connection or Blutooth when the unlock is locked or locked automatically.

▶ Many passwords
You can set different passwords for each package program.

▶ Remote lock
Turn off or lock your device via SMS text

Lock Disable the whole phone using the Apollo lock screen instead of the system lock screen.

Lock screen ▶
When some programs are running, the screen goes off (Internet, e-book usage)

— Applicable Features —
▶ The first generation app and the app have been approved by millions of users.

The program size is about 3 megabytes and it’s fast and light. The app features easily different features and detailed options in other apps Languages ​​support 31 languages.

App Lock Apk For Android Latest Version ;

— other products —
Support PIN, Template, Password, Campaign, Fingerprint It’s easy to unlock / unlock widgets and tapes.The user can lock the user.  For example) Change the image in the background.

Supports the ability to reset the lost password in the program.
You can accidentally set the password configuration button.
Limit your personal efforts to the stability of others in an effort to open it.

Supports the ability to lock out / receive incoming calls.Wi-Fi supports bluetooth shutdown capabilities. You can lock the newly installed application automatically.

AppLock Apk Free Download For Android ;

When running some programs that automatically turn on the screen (or vertically).Protecting personal information, privacy, and security and security of the program / security.

Other than that, it includes more features.Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I stop the program from installing and uninstalling the application?Please enable the ‘Prevention Prevention’ option in the settings, then the program can never be installed.

2) How can I stop the program from the task manager?Please install the assistant, so the administrator can not kill the program.

3) Forgot your password
Yes, if you set up your QNA email or security, you can forget your password at your password.

4) How can I hide pictures and videos?
If you break the gallery app, other users will not be able to see your photos and videos.

5) Smart Cake Run Run (or the program disappears in the Draudown application) If you hide smart cake icons in the options, then the program disappears.  To run it, please place the widget in the widget list and click on it.

6) Smart App can not be installed
Uninstall the ‘Install’ option in Settings before removing the smart application.

This application is authorized by the device manager.  (AppLock is only used to prevent deletion) Using App Access Services

The application name has been changed with the smart security measures of the application.