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By | January 28, 2020

Find similar images using the SIMPLE and FAST search by image engine

  ☆☆☆ Find similar images or images using multiple reverse image search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing ☆☆☆

  Why this application?
  Arama image search is not available in the mobile browser
  ✓ Simple to use
  ✓ Fast and reliable
  Image camera support for image capture
  Easy image editor before searching
  Support for Google, Google, Tineye, Yandex and Bingsearch engines
  Görüntüleme Simultaneous display of the results of several search engines.
  You can share the shared image on Facebook, Twitter, browser, etc.  Open from other applications.  There is no need to save.
  Version Remove ads by purchasing the full version

  Image editor:
  Döndür Rotate image
  Rotate the image horizontally / vertically
  Bir Crop part of the image

  Search results:
  Similar Show similar images
  Show visually similar images
  Arama SafeSearch filter option in settings (Google only)

  Typical use cases:
  Find similar images
  Find out if an image has been altered or original
  False Discover the wrong images
  Find out if an image is new or old on the web
  Göre Search by part of the image, this is useful if the image is combined with several images
  Find similar images using the Google image and the reverse image search engine.

  Why do you search for images?
  Do you want to search for similar images on the internet?
  Reverse image search makes image search very fast and easy for personal or professional use.
  Upload a photo from your gallery or take a photo or select a photo using your camera or screenshot

  What you will find
  When you search with an image, your results may include:
  Similar images
  Websites that contain these images
  Other dimensions of the image you are looking for
  Their characteristics are:

  • Reverse image search using android Yahoo /Google similar image search
  • Search by image / photo / image by clicking on the Gallery button in the application
  • Search by image / photo / image using the camera
  • Share the image
  • Easy image editor before calling
  • Save screenshot to album
  • Share screenshot
  • Safe search filter option in settings
  Use reverse image search