How To Repair Touch Screen

By | December 8, 2018

Voice Access is a convenient service that helps you manage your device using the instructions provided by you. Voice input can be useful for those who have difficulty in touch screen for Paris, storms, temporary challenges or other reasons.

Get help for help with a voice.

Choice sounds in three types of voices (currently in English only):
From the same screen, address and search (for example “go back”, “go back home”).

  • actions with elements on the current screen (for example, “click”, “move”)
  • You have corrected the text and the rules (for example, “Hi type”, “Take coffee with TA”)

You can help the screen: “What can I say?” You can also see the full list of voice commands by entering the voice input input into the audio and all the functions.

Steps to provide voice access:

  1. Go to Settings> Access.
  2. Select “Speech Access”.
  3. Change the key.
  4. Fill sections and lessons to learn how to use and learn the environment.

Contacts, voice access, clicks, previews, text and “What can I say?” It also gives the most common voice commands. me

To make full use of casting approach, any screen should be replaced by Google’s screen. When you want to get the sound to listen to it, just say “Ok Google”. You must update your Google app to vote through “Ok Google”. If you do not get “OK Google” from any screen or device, then your voice will be on the screen. You can set the tone through the button. You can press and hold the button to move to another location on the screen.

To stop the sound, stop saying “Stop listening”. To completely disable voice commands, go to Settings> Access> Voice Access and disconnect.

Alternate options
Microphone: Microphone uses voice output, voice output.
Phone: A telephone announcement is to record a voice that lets you work during the call.
Access Service: Since this application is a convenient service, you can download your works, download the contents of the window and find text.