How To Block Apps internet

By | December 9, 2018

It can be individually accessed to access your applications and Wi-Fi and / or cellular data.

Internet access can be stopped

  • Reduce the information
  • Save the batteries
  • Increase your privacy
  • Manage your mobile app
  • Add extra / extra rent easily
  • Background application activity
  • Alarms for new internet applications
  • Adult websit


It’s easy to use
• Protection of Fireboards Root Android!
Do not do it at home
• Tracking and analysis

• Effective development and support
• Android 5.1 and later
• Support IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP
• Try
• Support multi-device users
• Optional screen
• Tilting time limitation is limited
• Optional system application block
Automatic release * Release of the device

  • Identify the applications that are installed on your mobile device
  • Recently installed apps * * personalities and ads *
  • Hold blocks against the rubber
    Prevent background activity for selected features
  • Display full screen information
    Theme designed with a light and dark theme
    • Use of incoming traffic; Export PCAP files to find and filter registry efforts; Traffic analysis
    • Allow single blocks / addresses
    • new application notice; Configure internet executives directly from notifications
    Displays status status status
    • Choose five additional materials in the lightweight and dark version

All of these features do not have a new device.
Why does the map use the Internet database?
It’s a confusion. Internet Guard uses a VPN packet to fill the station. Traffic is provided on every data packet, on the internet and on external traffic to send or receive your applications.

However, it’s fine, however, that web guard data is available to help you try the data for each app. Choose a home to use home information for use.


  1. This application is based on the VPN interface, the only way to burn roots. It serves as a proxy server between regular applications and servers. This app does not show your details and adds little to you.

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