How To Block Outgoing Calls

By | December 9, 2018

Call log applications help unauthorized people avoid costs and call children. Do you want to use your smartphone to play for friends, family, children or strangers, listen to music, or explore the web? Does anyone know that your phone is called unnecessary or unauthorized calls on your phone, is there a problem, or lost your account balance?

This app will help you avoid unauthorized outgoing calls by keeping your zip code or fingerprint (including supported devices). Only know each other who knows the ring. You can open outgoing calls with your finger swipe your finger or call your backup program.

You can enable / disable feature setting endings using the menu. You can also set a keypad or dialer (old phone style) or style to reach the keyboard.
You can open it on a supported device with a fingerprint.


  • Password protection closes the running ringtone
  • Open fingerprint paper on supported devices
  • Open international calls or international calls only
  • To create many custom time to disable locking
  • Two ways to add a pin (filter or keyboard)
  • Your child can not balance your mobile phone
  • You can enable / disable locks
    The battery is very friendly
  • Minimum permissions required
  • Your Pocket Mobile Credit Card will not be canceled

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