How To Solve Mobile Low Space Problem

By | January 5, 2019

Fill the tone with one application for many options!The perfect set is in the 360 ​​application on board and is usually the main part of the maximum application of the “free device”, i.e. Application that builds a compass or translator or reputable. Similarly, you will be able to generalize, on time and unsatisfactorily throughout the day you need!

Basic functions

★ Tony size

★ Can provide over 40 applications from more than one application

★ Highlight the most frequently used application

★ Easy-to-use alternative ways on the home screen

★ Tools are shaded according to different types of labels that make finding ► ► easy

Cost-effective • Tool • Calculation • Conversion • Mobility and measurement tools

All 360 sets can be attached to some functions

  1. Monitor Plus

Measure your plus with the camera tool and see the cardiogram. There is a simple way to get friendly information about heart disease.

  1. Translator (all offers)

Choose words that begin with an extreme and the following simple procedure.

  1. Multilingual dictionary

There are many free online references for each existing language.

  1. Practice the clock

Excellent direction towards the center of workouts or exercises at home.

  1. Store cleaner, RAM Booster

Clear your phone! Clear the memory log, storage space and tool.

  1. Provide the battery

Extend battery life with this simple touch.

  1. Sound meter

Current size and range of sound.

  1. Guide

Get addresses, find places faster, browse trends in the current area, and provide GPS results.

  1. Compass

For a large part of your environment, get the right bearings based on your understanding.

  1. Magnetic

It is difficult to notice this to increase the number of articles. It also has bright light.

  1. A mirror

Even in the evening, use the camera while waiting for your future.

  1. Guns

Reduce the waiver of the article using the camera and weight.

  1. Sound, video cut

Select the section / scene you want to cut and these devices will do the rest.

  1. Metal floors

Distribute the attractive area to neighboring materials and look at the arig without interruption.

  1. Laptops

Pay close attention to your loved ones. Take control of your notes and stay there!

  1. Transfer of funds

Change between different financial forms. Negative shapes are updated naturally.

  1. Figures and graphs

Get the necessary grapes using charts

  1. Adapter converter

Change between different physical units

  1. Sound recorder

Easily write on your mobile phone or tablet and write high quality sound for a long time.

  1. Accelerator

The perfect metronome with a non-standard rhythm.

  1. Powder for toners

Enter the sponsor’s sound or equipment. This way you can improve the same way.

  1. Scanner code

The output bar and QR code are faster in the camera.

  1. Document Manager, Root Explorer

Administrative document with the root explorer.

  1. Altimeter

Estimated GPS growth

  1. Exercise equipment

A direct device and valuable educational tool

  1. Conservatives

Of course, measure the elements of different things.

  1. Area

Check the dimension of the surface.

  1. Speedometer

Displays the exact data and campaign breakdown data.

  1. Light bulb

Use it as a hand lamp, such as light or strobe music.

  1. Agenda, reminder

Everyday things are complete.

  1. Stop

Stop the resolution with the automatic security function.

  1. The scale of vibration

Vibration treatment for each of three tomatoes: X, Y, Z

  1. Pedometer

Records the number of steps that pass to your devices

  1. Check the network speed

Check the speed of internet connections carefully

  1. Lac

Luxury photometer (luxury, fc)

  1. Time zone

World time with the climate

Measuring tools and attitudes of real estate units and some offers.

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