How to set hotspot limit in android

By | January 7, 2019

Data is a great Google app that helps you save, manage, and share your mobile data.Average, saves users 21% of their mobile data – as they use data from Monday to Thursday and are associated with Friday data.

Save data
More information about your favorite apps.
● Save data – Save cell data through background data and preventing unwanted notifications. You can turn off background data for some applications and allow others.
● Bedtime mode – Automatically deletes mobile data at night
● Emergency Bank – Save some data if necessary.

Write your data
Know which applications use more data and control common use
● Statistics – Learn more about data usage data, including usage data – usage history, application trends, and usage.
● General – Control when using the application while using real-time data.
● Daily range – Set daily limits to determine how many data you can use.

Exchange your data
Give data to friends and families
● TRACK HOTSPOT – Use your friends to point your connection point to limit the limit on the data range, after reaching the limit, get a reminder or close the contact point.
● Guide mode – Limit the data limit used by friends or family while receiving a phone.

To complete the use of cellular capabilities, data requires some rights, including:
● Used for monitoring phone usage of mobile phones. Data does not receive or receive calls from you.

● VPN – You do not actually send data to prevent unnecessary use of mobile data on your device to create a local VPN service – and you do not use any application on Google servers. The data is on a phone only VPN and other servers or sites do not reverse Internet traffic.Download data to start savings.

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