How To Solve Android Phone Battery Backup Problem

By | January 13, 2019

Turn off all running applications to freeze memory and save battery life

KillApps allows you to disable all running applications with one touch! It saves battery power and improves efficiency.

This app improves the performance of your phone
☆ To speed up your phone
☆ Cleansing
☆ Save the battery
☆ Phone cooling

Close all running applications
Work background and services in the background
Supports user request and system application.
✓ widgets

Android Phone Battery Problem

This app is a very powerful task killer that kills tasks and activities.

It grows fast
Allows this application to speed up the phone when you are moving slowly due to many applications running in the background.

Clean the frame
This app improves phone memory by freeing RAM and creating space for new applications.

Battery saving
Turning on the app helps you save battery life and extend battery life.

How To Solve Low Battery Problem

CPU cooler
Rotating the apple causes the phone to cool down and the processor is less used.

Your privacy is secure
This app does not collect any data.

This app uses accessibility services
This application is an automatic solution for users of physical fatigue lack of faalyun and muscles who fought while trying to interact with the screen, especially when again the same power as the complicated work Close many applications.

This automates one of the most common tasks using the “Force Rush” user interface! And this to prevent the application to turn each application manually, all applications, automatically and closing system settings, in physical instability and muscle fatigue It is like

This application must allow access to other applications.

Applications require permissions from the second application to be able to display the application’s upload screen when closing the application.

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