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By | January 30, 2019

Android Device How To change Software Try the P9 Launcher theme for Apex and Ace! More than 1000 themes for you.

The new Ischt theme is available! Stylish Launcher theme for Ace & Apex Launcher.
Ioune 2 million users “Select! More than 1000 topics have been created.
This Ace & Apex Launcher, one of the most popular laughter! To make your phone stylish and creative!

New P9 Launcher theme for Ace Launcher HThis P9 Launcher Theme has been specially developed for Ace & Apex Launcher.

More important:
Apex Ace Launcher, Smart Launcher Pro, Aviate, Holo Launcher, Arrow Launcher, S Launcher, Hola Launcher, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, NOVA Launcher.
Design your phone
Beautiful free themes: a mostly updated collection of different lunches and icons and fun for you
3D Live Wallpapers: quieter winter lovers! Ace Launcher finds more interesting live backgrounds with different effects. Ace Launcher We offer live backgrounds for 3D effects, parallel backgrounds, animated backgrounds with glasses and effects.
 An extensive collection of sound libraries: in addition to the Launchart theater, wallpaper and icons, it also offers themed keyboard themes and baits.

Phone optimization
1-Tap booster: cleans and continues the detergent.
Piercing: small fauna for more sturgeon
Battery spray: Ace Launcher can improve your batteries
CPU port: maintains high energy consumption, saves energy with energy.

Smart launcher

  • Annotable welcome layout: you can use the layout grid for formatting grid to use your icons or characters in accordance with your personal style.
  • Impressive 3D transition effects: different scroll and transition effects to choose from
  • Smart controls: your apps are organized into different smart folders, so you do not have to organize them yourself.
    -Smart is dead: insects, licking, lips break off, licking immediately, walking. You can even die or die. When you use management, you can do your work easily and quickly. You lock your on / off button for free simply by pressing twice on the start-up screen. At the same time you can adapt the guests to your personal habits.

Detailed and accurate weather

  • This smart launcher offers 24-hour forecasts
  • 15-day predictions are also recorded in this effective layer
  • AQI (air quality index)
    Weather and fantastic widgets on the main screen

Search within reach

  • Fast search for applications
  • Quick search for contacts
  • Quick search for messages
  • website
  • Support for other search engines

Data protection

  • Hide application: get private apps to protect your privacy
  • App Lock: important applications such as social applications, messages and credit card.

How to start Ace Launcher:
If you do not like As Lagoons, you can print on the main screen for a long time, set the bait settings, repeat the settings and select Install aa starter.
We appreciate it if you receive suggestions and suggestions to cancel Ace Launcher.

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