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By | January 31, 2019

Free call? The FreeCall app has provided your Android with cheap international or national telephony. FREE installation! Cheapest Calling Rates App.

Start by registering a contact person or with the registered VoIP user. Log in with this user on the FreeCall app and YOU HAVE BEEN PLACED!

FreeCall offers 4 easy ways to contact your contacts:
1) VoIP anemone; Connect your call to the internet
2) local access number; Use your appointment with a local access number of your country. Use this option if your Internet signal is not very strong
3) return flange; We call you and your contact person. Use this option if your Internet signal is not very powerful and it is not a local access number for your country, but you can still use a small international or national rate.
4) SMS (SMS)

The call to FreeCall is good for your wallet! FreeCall has rates in many countries, up to 75% economic, like most competitors!

Why pay more? Start saving now!

FreeCall offer:

  • Get low-budget international VoIP service from your Android phone
  • Internet connection with WiFi, 3G, GPRS or UMTS
  • Very expensive rates for the latest internet technology
  • Better sound quality all around
  • Use your telephone contact to perform the VoIP service
  • Work around the world
  • Smart Routing to get all VoIP barriers
  • Send SMS (SMS)
  • Get information
    FREE high quality local and international telephone calls, called VoIP, WiFi for good speech quality
  • Holiday offer *: enter 100 credits after your registration!

CallU offers free international phone calls and quality value all over the world:

(1). FREE 100% international call number in more than 200 countries.
(2). Some ways to earn credits in the app to make FREE telephone calls. (Watch videos, make homework, a friend and more).
(3). Your friends and family do not know the app to call you. CallU worked just like I am CallU or not.
(4). CallU uses an internet device (also Wi-Fi, IP-Ruf or VoIP call). Call your friends WHEN you are as tall as you are on WIFI, 3G or 4G.
(5). Serve worldwide to guarantee the best speech quality.
(6). Unlike international Ruf numbers, CallU does not use cell minutes.

You can find your favorite way without thinking about expensive bills.
Download the Wi-Fi VoIP Phone app online and enjoy FREE worldwide calls on all mobile and fixed devices! Call on any mobile phone, locally or abroad!

  • Even if your friends or family members do not participate in a network, CallU can always contact you for free.
  • Popular countries belonging to the United States, Bel Kuwait, call Pakistan, call the United Arab Emirates, call KSA, call German, call India and exit in the UK.


Free international call

CallU is a free application for 100% complete international telephones without extra zones! CallU can reach all mobile phones or fixed numbers from more than 200 countries!

If you want to receive FREE Uriff the United States, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, free or at low cost, we are still the best free app for you. Sogar better than other international calls.

Clear and stable call
CallU I use the telephone line, which means that we can guarantee excellent call quality with voice that is crystal clear while you generate fixed line telephone bills! CallU automatically detects and adjusts the connectivity requirements to make conversations more stable.

Earn credit
There are millions of ways to earn credits in our app, for example: games for a game, daily preview, guest friends, watch packages and more. To enjoy the best gift service, simply add a ribbon to high-quality voice calls.
Voice effects are sent to the highly qualified VoIP network of the CallU, which is not necessary in case of improper recording, unstable voice or reduced calls. Our system will always be the same

CallU: you can make your friends and family international.
CallU – Enjoy free Wi-Fi with your friends abroad.
Leave your free or cheap phone call or phone call in the United States, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria and Pakistan!

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