App Lock Plus Finger Lock App Apk Download

By | September 22, 2018

Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint Fingerprint Lock is an application that helps you integrate your mobile phone by checking your fingerprint. Very impressive fingerprint graphics and great testing makes these applications more professional. Our top ten screens are beautiful and beautiful wallpapers offering your screen. When you explain your fingerprint, you can unlock it when you set a password, the script will be saved.
Fingerprint lock application does not specify your fingerprint, this is a simulation application. Fingerprint simulation fingerprint lock function..

Fingerprint scanner with stunning graphics 10 Beautiful and beautiful wallpapers Provides more digital clock, month date and time display, password lock for high security lock screen, access to your mobile phone Change background can be entered in the form of mobile phone information: Wi-Fi, select Multiple background to choose the battery you want can choose background music, easy memory and battery use, beautiful design works well 60 languages ​​and more phones This fingerprint lock supports amazing and free

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This is not a common screen lock. You can choose between the keyboard and the fingerprint emulator. There is a trick to unlock your phone using a fingerprint scanner. First of all, click the lock icon, then clear your finger and the app will give you access to your phone. If you choose to go regularly, you can also use the code. Just set it up and set it up completely, and the app will have access to the correct password code. The fingerprint scanner can be installed using the keyboard option as a screen lock. Alarms can be rejected several times and settings can be adjusted on the screen. Default settings such as default settings to adjust screen lock This application makes a copy of the fingerprint scanner and not the real scanner. This option is designed for the maximum number of crackers and interviews so they can believe that your device can print your fingerprint.

Save your app with your fingerprint, style, and PIN. Using the latest integrated technology, your unusual application will be completely secure. This application provides you with many useful features, which are decorated with an amazing user interface, which have been removed from the application icon. This will certainly meet your privacy requirements on daily use.Sound effects and vibrations Beautiful user interface uses active colors by analyzing your colors with your app..

What is your application doing? Any styles, fingerprints, rapid messenger or scripts for Chrome, or Instagram on someone else’s app, WhatsApp or Snap Chat work to use as a Defender Applications that work on password fast For password-protected applications, Our brain protection and personal protection so as not to stop your information and your records and your stored applications can be, but some using your phone. Let’s do it when you do. If you have a call such as Samsung hardware design or if they downloaded the certified Marsbi Fat rolls by negative or if you have any questions, the only Nexus 5x 6x Nexus tool such as fingerprint code will automatically lock the screen icon will be displayed below. Then just touch the fingerprint sensor.

You never want to leave your phone at the same time. Now you can accept an application using fingerprint reader. To scroll, swipe up and down on the fingerprint reader, close the application lock application, and close the screen. Provides privacy protection for your Android phone. Different bulldozers such as insurance insurance and insurance notifications are provided. Close the application that needs protection. Enjoy free apps to turn off free lock apps, where all apps are available, lock application passwords, and lock style! Sensitive apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook SMS, Contacts, Messenger, Settings, Gallery, Gmail Play Store, unauthorized access, and privacy guards. look at you…